Zodiac Signs and Horoscopes: Who are you compatible with?

horoscopeLove and compatibility with others is something we all seek. It is something that is spoken in all social environments and in all areas of life. This concept of love and compatibility is always a hot topic in the debate “sign” with someone. One of the main reasons a person will read the horoscope to learn more about the past, present and future of their love life. So it is natural for us to ask the zodiac signs are compatible.

Aries – it is better to Leo and Sagittarius, compatible with Aquarius & Gemini and opposite from Libra.
Taurus – is most compatible with Capricorn and Virgo, compatible with Cancer & Pisces and the opposite of Scorpio.
Gemini – is better Aquarius & Libra, compatible with Aries and Leo and opposite from Sagittarius
Cancer – are compatible with most Piscesand Scorpio, compatible with Taurus and Virgo and the opposite of Capricorn
Leo – is most compatible with Aries and Sagittarius, compatible with Gemini & Libra and opposite from Aquarius
Virgo – is most compatible with Capricorn & Taurus, compatible with Cancer & Scorpio and Pisces opposite
Libra – Aquarius is better and Gemini, compatible with Leo & Sagittarius and opposite from Aries
Scorpio – is most compatible with Cancer and Pisces, compatible with Capricorn and Virgo and opposite from Taurus
Sagittarius – is most compatible with Aries and Leo, compatible with Aquarius & Libra and opposite from Gemini
Capricorn – is most compatible with Taurus and Virgo, compatible with Pisces & Scorpio and opposite from Cancer
Aquarius – is most compatible with Gemini & Libra, compatible with Aries and Sagittarius and opposite from Leo
Pisces – is most compatible with Cancer & Scorpio, compatible with Capricorn & Taurus and opposite from Virgo

(Please note that this is only a suggestion, that the traditional characteristics of the compatibility of certain “points.” This should be followed as a success or failure of the rule in your love life, and there are many factors that come into play when, in to follow a real relationship. These proposals will be taken as mere suggestions.)

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